Enjoy the holidays!

July 16, 2020
by jos

The Morzino Team wishes students, parents, and teachers happy and relaxing holidays!

This school year has certainly been exceptional, and there has never been so much traffic on the platform as in the last few months. Since March, we have been trying to bring new features online as quickly as possible, features that could make homeschooling easier and more efficient; and we are glad we were able to help so many people.

During the holiday season, we will continue to implement a number of suggestions that we have received during the past few months, so that the platform will be ready for the upcoming school year, offering new tools, features, and improvements.

Enjoy your holidays!

The Morzino Team

Saving worksheets as PDF files on Morzino

March 11, 2020
by jos

From now on it is not only possible to print generated worksheets as PDF documents or to save them directly onto your computer, but you can now also save them right on Morzino in your file manager or in your Virtual Classrooms.

As a teacher, you can generate worksheets in PDF format for your students and make them available directly on the platform. Students can download worksheets in PDF format, while the correction sheets are saved separately in the teachers' folder.

As a teacher, you can even generate new worksheets and then save them directly as part of existing learning plans. You can decide whether the worksheet should be added to an existing learning plan assignment, or whether a new assignment should be created. Students can then download the weekly schedule worksheets while the corrections are again saved in the teachers' folder.

Enjoy the update!

Your Morzino team

New Help Area

March 09, 2020
by jos

The Morzino Help Area has been completely redesigned and it offers now detailed information on the platform's most important tools and features:

- The "Start" section will help students, parents, and teachers to quickly get started on the platform.

- The "Community" section explains the most important account, profile, and communication features.

- The "Virtual Classroom" section offers details on the LMS (Learning Management System) and on the Virtual Classroom's creative tools (text editor, media manager, online projects, blog & classroom website).

- The "School" section explains how to connect multiple classrooms and how to share information among them.

- The "Website" section will help you to create and manage complex school websites and portals.

Enjoy the update!

Your Morzino Team

New Online Drawing Tool

January 21, 2020
by jos

The new "Drawing" App allows students and teachers to draw and paint images directly on the website, using different colors and brush sizes. Painted images can be downloaded to your computer, they can be stored in your personal media area, or they can be directly saved to your virtual classrooms.

The new Drawing Tool has also been integrated into the platform's Media Manager, which means that can you can directly paint images in each and every one of your own directories. The Media Manager's Drawing Tool also supports different image sizes, including A4 and US Letter portrait/landscape formats.

It is even possible to paint and draw on existing images and photos in the Media Manager, and you may save your changes either as a new file, or you may overwrite the existing image.

Furthermore, the platform now directly supports uploading photos in HEIC format, which will then automatically be converted and stored as JPG images.

Enjoy the update!

Your Morzino Team

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

December 23, 2019
by jos

The Morzino Team would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and we are looking forward to developing useful new tools and features next year.

2019 was an exciting year for us and we were able to implement a large number of new features, as you may remember:

- Most of our e-Learning Apps have been greatly improved, offering new online training and printing options.

- The Virtual Classroom got a new User Interface.

- The new family management tools allow parents to manage and monitor their children's accounts.

- The Microblog (user newsfeed) has been revamped, offering new upload, setup, and privacy features.

- Blogs now feature a new upload tool, offering direct access to standard and favorite directories.

- The new gallery module offers greatly improved overview and display views.

- Help pages are now available for the Community and Website areas.

We plan to release some really cool stuff in 2020, including some important new features that many users have been asking and waiting for.

See you next year!

Your Morzino Team

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